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About the Author

Robert F. Wasserman

The author grew up near Boston, majored in English at Dartmouth College and philosophy at the University of New Mexico, where he also studied geophysics, applied math, and computer science. He worked for 25+ years in various technical positions for a large multi-national corporation, before leaving in 2009 to write full time. He's a member of American Mensa, and for most of his life, has been a critical observer and reflective thinker with a philosophical bent. He enjoys writing, reading, traveling, vacations with his family, many water sports, and spending as much time as possible at his family's lakeside cabin on Golden Pond in North Belgrade, Maine. The rest of the year he lives in Corrales, NM with his partner of over 30 years, Patty, and the youngest of their 3 children, Brett.

 Brett, Lani, and Patty Parks-Wasserman

Zack and Brett Wasserman